How To Pick The Winner Of The 2021 Melbourne Cup.

max hitchinsMy name is Max Hitchins. I am known as MelbourneCupMax. This is possibly because I have memorised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters of the Melbourne Cup for the last 100 years. Or maybe it is because my Melbourne Cup System has ‘worked’ for 27 out of the last 33 years and many from the media call me Melbourne Cup Max or Mr Melbourne Cup. For me the Melbourne Cup is a 365 day commitment . I follow national and international horses, research articles, talk to experts, study breeding, watch live races and videos from all around the world. I like to think I do everything other than 'talk to the horses' My total focus is just one race - the Melbourne Cup. My Dad, a bookmaker from the North Western NSW town of Moree, used to say "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted!"

I am very proud of the results my Melbourne Cup system has produced. Happily I tell, in 2020, my system worked once again in selecting the 1st (Twilight Payment) and 3rd (Prince Of Arran) placings. We had many happy subscribers.


How is that possible? Greg Holten tells how he did it...with a little help from a friend!

After the 2020 Melbourne Cup I received many 'thank you' notes both on my Facebook page and personal emails from very happy subscribers.

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Frank Cheok wrote:

“Once again, Max, you have given me the winner of the Cup (Twilight Payment) and made me ‘look good’ at Melbourne Cup time. Once again I followed the advice in your annual eBook “How To Pick The Winner Of The Melbourne Cup” to have a small each way bet on each of your six chosen horses. Once again I had $10 each way on the six horses. Hence, I invested $120.00. As you know one of your selected horses Twilight Payment came 1st, at $26.00, and Prince Of Arran ran 3rd at $3.12. I collected $326! Another winning year! Thank you Max."

dr frank cheok"I also wanted to share this story with you. Like many Aussies I am a once a year punter…at Melbourne Cup time. Like many once-a-year punters I always lost. That stopped when I started following you and your system. Can you believe that was 25 years ago! As you know, several years ago I retired as an as an Ophthalmic Surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. My colleagues at the Hospital were always amazed at how (a once a year gambler) almost always backed the Melbourne Cup winner. I simply used to tell them - I have a source! :) Thanks for your friendship and thanks for being ‘my source’.” Dr Frank Cheok OAM

glen speckGlen Speck wrote:

Our annual subscribers come from all around Australia...and all around the world! Another who wrote to me after to 2020 Melbourne Cup was Glen Speck, from Eufaula, Oklahoma, USA: “You’re incredible Max." wrote Glen "You’ve done it again. This time a $26 Cup winner. WOW! I’ve been following you since 2005. All I can say is - Long live Melbourne Cup Max!”

You can order your copy of 2021 of How To Pick The Winner Of the 2021 Melbourne Cup by clicking here. NOTE: The eBook is not published until soon after the running of the 2021 Caulfield Cup on the 16th of October. However, if you order now you will be given the opportunity to download a complimentary copy of the abridged edition of Fact, Fiction and Fables Of The Melbourne Cup. This will be available anytime after the 1st of January 2021.

About our annual Melbourne Cup Sweep

Each year we conduct a $1000 First Prize Sweep. To be in the Sweep (for FREE) all you need do is order a copy of How To Pick The Winner Of The 2021 Melbourne Cup. You need order your copy before 6.00pm on Saturday 30th of October 2021. There is no guarantee you will get a horse in the sweep as there are only 24 horses in the Melbourne Cup. Details of the lucky people who draw a horse in the 2021 Melbourne Cup and the horse's name will be published on this site - and on - by 1.00pm on Sunday 31st of October. Please click on the picture to say "Hello" to our 2021 Sweep winner Tony Butters from Manneum (near Kingaroy) QLD.

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Sweep prizes for2021: If you draw the horse that runs 1st: $1000 If you draw the horse that runs 2nd: $500 If you draw the horse that runs 3rd: $250 If you draw the horse that runs last: $100

About Max's 8 Step System:

As mentioned above, this system has been successful for 27 out of the past 33 years. Not perfect...but not bad! In 2020 my system produced the winner - Twilight Payment - and the third place-getter - Prince Of Arran. I am happy to share my system with you - for FREE. But I should tell you for this system to work I spend in excess of 400 hours researching, reviewing and recording races from all around the world in order to make the judgements I have to make. Click here to check it out.

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About "Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments for the 2021 Melbourne Cup" eBook.

Many experienced punters, at Melbourne Cup time, use the information and research in How To Pick The Winner Of The Melbourne Cup to assist them with with their Futures, Trifectas, Quadrellas and other forms of specialised wagering. These type of bets are known as Exotics. For 'once a year punters' Exotics can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. Particularly when you try to absorb it all at the 'last minute'.

Exotic betting can be a lot of fun, can be profitable and bring some 'magic' into play. By 'magic' I mean providing opportunities to have a number of horses running for you in the Melbourne Cup...for NO outlay. For example, in March 2021, I suggested to my followers on my Facebook site - that Realm Of Flowers was perhaps worth a small wager (what I call a 'cup of coffee' bet) at the then price of $201 on the TAB Melbourne Cup Futures market. By the middle of the year Realm Of Flowers was one of the favourites for the 2021 Melbourne Cup at $15.00. In this eBook I explain this and tell how to 'lay off' bets like this and have horses running for you for NO outlay. It's a magical feeling and it last a long time. I did a similar thing year, in September 2000, when I suggested to my Facebook followers that Twilight Payment was worth a 'cup of coffee' bet when he was $67 in the 2021 Melbourne Cup Futures market....and he won at $26. Click here to check it out.

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Questions, Queries Quandaries about my tips and the eBooks.

Q. Can I order my copy of "How to Pick The Winner of the 2021 Melbourne Cup" now? A. Yes you sure can...and your name will immediately be included (for FREE) in our Sweep providing you order the eBook any time before 6.00pm on the 30th of October 2021. NOTE: Ordering this book entitles you to receive my Melbourne Cup Day tips after 8.00am on the 2nd of November.

Q. Will I be able to download "How to Pick The Winner of the 2021 Melbourne Cup" immediately? A. This eBook in not published until after the running of the Caulfield Cup (16/10/21). You will receive it no later than the 20th of October.

Q. Can I order "Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments for the 2021 Melbourne Cup" now? A. You sure can. Click here to order and download it immediately.

Q. Do I get you Melbourne Cup Day tips if I only buy "Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments for the 2021 Melbourne Cup?" A. No.

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