MelbourneCupMax is tested ‘live’ by Peter Stefanovic about Max’s claim to remember the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters for the last 100 Melbourne Cups.

David Koch from Chanel 7's Sunrise program interviews
Richard Freedman and Max Hitchins

Compilation of interviews with Ray Martin, Kerrie Anne Kennerley and Bert Newton

TattsBet Breakfast

TattsBet Breakfast

2GB Sydney Chris Smith

Chris Smith

ABC TAS - Elaine Harris

Elaine Harris

ABC Brisbane - Spencer Howson

Spencer Howson

ABC Perth - Geoff Hutchison

Geoff Hutchison

Morning Crew from 2DAYFM Sydney

Morning Crew

Susie Elelman from "The Susie Show" on WINTV

Max on Channel 9 in Perth

6PR Perth - Howard Sattler

Howard Sattler

2WS Sydney - Paul Holmes

Paul Holmes

2GB Sydney (2004) Chris Smith

Chris Smith

2MCE FM - Bob Dengate

Bob Dengate

2ST - Dave Stretton

Dave Stretton

3AW - Denis Walter
Christmas Carol host and 3AW (Victoria) personality Dennis Walter interviewed Max in a 'Melbourne Cup wrap-up' after the 2021 Melbourne Cup.

Denis Walter