Fact, Fiction and Fables of the Melbourne Cup

Firstly, I would like to say'thank you' for your support and friendship over many years.

Secondly, I want to tell my annual eBook "How To Pick The Winner Of The Melbourne Cup" will be out again around the 21st of October.

Thirdly, as we are all having a tough year, I thought you might enjoy another Melbourne Cup book I am working on: Fact, Fiction and Fables of the Melbourne Cup.

I'm only part way through writing it. Hence, the version we invite you to download is an 'abridged' edition. I think you will enjoy it as there are some some funny, wacky and pithy stories it it.

My plan is for the completed version being available, as an inexpensive Christmas gift, in late November. My intention is to produce a book that can be personalised. You will be able to order it with the name of the person receiving the gift on the cover. It's a 'kinda different' Christmas gift in this 'kinda different' year! Hence, I invite you to download this abridged edition. We will advise you when the Christmas edition is available and you can decide then if interested in ordering it as a Christmas gift.