How to BE READY for Luck 2022!

How to BE READY for Luck 2022!

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This eBook contains thoughts and tips to improve your luck on the Melbourne Cup

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this ebook does not give you access to Max's Tips on Tuesday morning. This is only available when you purchase "How To Pick The Winner of the Melbourne Cup".

My Dad, a Bookmaker in the North Western NSW town of Moree, used to say "Those who don't believe in luck will never find it." As a result I'm always READY for luck. I continually look for and expect lucky things to happen to and for me. I write about some of these things in the eBook.
The purpose of How to BE READY for Luck....especially at Melbourne Cup time is to endeavour to put you into 'lucky' situations both in life and at Melbourne Cup time. Click here to check out the 'lucky' situation we put Greg Holten in prior to the 2021 Melbourne Cup.

Have you ever wondered about how and why Horseshoes, Rabbit's feet and Ladybugs
are considered lucky? Or why Lord Ganesha is considered the god of good luck? Or why some numbers are regarded as lucky? It's all in this eBook!

What about serendipity? In this eBook you will read about the serendipitous things that happened for Edward Lowe; George de Mestral; Joe Resnick and Louis Pasteur. All found themselves in positions where they were 'READY for luck.

You will also find explanations about ‘Exotic’ betting opportunities available. I think the Melbourne Cup offers very interesting 'Futures' betting opportunities.

As well, I want to help you bet intelligently and endeavour to put luck on your side when you bet on the Melbourne Cup. I explain how I use Futures betting to help me achieve my goal of having at least six horses running for me in each Melbourne Cup...for no outlay.

It's a good read. I think you will enjoy it. Good luck!