Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments

Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments

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This eBook contains thoughts, ideas and systems to improve your chances with Trifecta betting on the Melbourne Cup

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this ebook does not give you access to Max's Tips on Tuesday morning. This is only available when you purchase "How To Pick The Winner of the Melbourne Cup".

The purpose of Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments is to help you understand the various ‘Exotic’ betting opportunities, particularly futuresbetting, available at Melbourne Cup time. As well, I want to help you bet intelligently and endeavour to ‘put the odds on your side when you bet on the Melbourne Cup’.

It used to cost ‘heaps’ of money to have an Exotic bet with multiple horses in it. But not so now. With Flexi-betting you can put any amount you like on any Exotic bet. The computer assesses the percentage of the payout figure you will receive in the event your bet is successful.

Over the years subscribers, from all around the world, have written to me sharing their systems of how they have used the information supplied in “How To Pick The Winner Of The Melbourne Cup”. With their approval, I share some of the stories and systems with you in Futures, Trifectas & Magic Moments.