This is what happened in 2017

2017 Result: 1st: Rekindling 2nd: Johannes Vermeer 3rd: Max Dynamite

Our Sweep Winners:

1st: $3000 Gary Patrick
Gary Patrick drew Rekindling and won $3000 in our Ladbrokes Super Sweep.

2nd: $1000 J Lucas
John Lucas from NSW drew Johannes Vermeer and won $1000 in our Ladbrokes Super Sweep.

3rd: $500 Sean McCormack
Sean McCormack from Sunshine Coast drew Max Dynamite in the Cup and won $500 in our Ladbrokes Super Sweep.

Last: $100 Seamus White

Seamus White from Melbourne drew Gallante in the Cup and won $100 in our Ladbrokes Super Sweep.

See 2017 results of Ladbrokes SUPER SWEEP - details below the video

The 2017 Melbourne Cup is just a few days away. (Tuesday 7th of November). All the early orders for How to Pick the winner of the 2017 Melbourne Cup have gone out.

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2017 Ladbrokes SUPER SWEEP details: and Ladbrokes - SUPER SWEEP for the 2017 Melbourne Cup

The person who draws the horse that runs 1st in the 2017 Melbourne Cup wins $3000.00.

The person who draws the horse that runs 2nd in the 2017 Melbourne Cup wins $1000.00.

The person who draws the horse that runs 3rd the 2017 Melbourne Cup wins $500.00.

The person who draws the horse that runs last in the 2017 Melbourne Cup wins $100.00.

These are the lucky people and the horses they drew horses in the Sweep:

1. Hartnell - Brian Lilley
2. Almandin - David Frost
3. Humidor - Sam Tinney
4. Tiberian - Nagin Dahya
5. Marmelo - Lesley Hardiman
6. Red Cardinal - Vaughan Hau
7. Johannes Vermeer - J Lucas
8. Bondi Beach - Peter Savage
9. Max Dynamite - Sean McCormick
10. Ventura Storm - Peter Ralph
11. WhoShotTheBarman - Stuart Adair
12. Wicklow Brave - Steve Gray

13. Big Duke - Brian Quinlan
14. US Army Ranger - Ken Brown
15. Boom Time - Annette Cubitt
16. Gallante - Seamus White
17. Libran - James Schofield
18. Nakeeta - Thomas Ratajczak
19. Single Gaze - Sean Omara
20. Wall Of Fire - Philip Janz
21. Thomas Hobson - Anne Davey
22. Rekindling - Gary Pattrick
23. Amelie’s Star - Aaron Herbert
24. Cismontane- Darren Prentice

If you are are hearing about this site for the first time please check our past results below:

Ahhhhhh the 2016 Melbourne Cup is done and dusted and we had enormous success in selecting the 1st and 2nd place getters out an incredible difficult field. On Cup morning the people who annually subscribe to my eBook How To Pick The Winner of the Melbourne Cup (and hence become annual members) read this in the Members Only Section:

"This is the most difficult Melbourne Cup field I have ever had to assess. So difficult is it you will note, rightly or wrongly, I have (for various reasons) left the ‘three favourites’ Hartnell, Jameka and Oceanographer out of my top six horses."

"I believe one of these six horse will win the 2016 Melbourne Cup.

Exospheric, Almoonqith, Wicklow Brave, Heartbreak City, Big Orange, Almandin
My Trifecta: Almandin, Heartbreak City, Wicklow Brave
My winner: Heartbreak City See the reason why I think it will win at:

And by now you know that Heartbreak City looked like a winner up to the last 50 metres before being beaten 'by a whisker' by Almandin.

Click here to watch the race again.

I also worte "Demonstrating how difficult I have found this year I can make a good case for any of these to be ‘in the six’. Oceanographer, Hartnell, Jameka, Bondi Beach, Excess Knowledge, Assign, Beautiful Romance….and still an outsider wold not surprise. If you like them then put them into your Trifecta’s. "


One of our subscribers wrote to me saying "Max, did you realise that all but one of the horses you mentioned as serious chances ran in the first 10 places?" Ummmmm.

And so my system of narrowing the field down to six horses has worked again which means it has been successful for 25 years out of the last 29 years.

2017 Updates

# 1: My Dad used to say "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted." Hence I focus on all Melbourne Cup 'lead up' events. I often make comments on my Facebook site which you will find at

#2: If you have been following my page you will know that I nominated I would be watching the horses that ran 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Sydney Cup. 1st: Polarisation 2nd: WhoShotTheBarman 3rd: Big Duke.

# 3: Again, at I wrote about Japan's Melbourne Cup equivalent - The Tenno Sho (Spring). I suggested I'd be watching Kitasan Sho and Satano Diamond. They ran 1st and 3rd.