This is what happened in 2016

If you are are hearing about this site for the first time please check our past results below:

Ahhhhhh the 2016 Melbourne Cup is done and dusted and we had enormous success in selecting the 1st and 2nd place getters out an incredible difficult field. On Cup morning the people who annually subscribe to my eBook How To Pick The Winner of the Melbourne Cup (and hence become annual members) read this in the Members Only Section:

"This is the most difficult Melbourne Cup field I have ever had to assess. So difficult is it you will note, rightly or wrongly, I have (for various reasons) left the ‘three favourites’ Hartnell, Jameka and Oceanographer out of my top six horses."

"I believe one of these six horse will win the 2016 Melbourne Cup.

Exospheric, Almoonqith, Wicklow Brave, Heartbreak City, Big Orange, Almandin
My Trifecta: Almandin, Heartbreak City, Wicklow Brave
My winner: Heartbreak City See the reason why I think it will win at:

And by now you know that Heartbreak City looked like a winner up to the last 50 metres before being beaten 'by a whisker' by Almandin.

Click here to watch the race again.

I also worte "Demonstrating how difficult I have found this year I can make a good case for any of these to be ‘in the six’. Oceanographer, Hartnell, Jameka, Bondi Beach, Excess Knowledge, Assign, Beautiful Romance….and still an outsider wold not surprise. If you like them then put them into your Trifecta’s. "


One of our subscribers wrote to me saying "Max, did you realise that all but one of the horses you mentioned as serious chances ran in the first 10 places?" Ummmmm.

And so my system of narrowing the field down to six horses has worked again which means it has been successful for 25 years out of the last 29 years.

2017 Updates

# 1: My Dad used to say "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted." Hence I focus on all Melbourne Cup 'lead up' events. I often make comments on my Facebook site which you will find at

#2: If you have been following my page you will know that I nominated I would be watching the horses that ran 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Sydney Cup. 1st:Polarisation 2nd: WhoShotTheBarman 3rd: Big Duke.

# 3: Again, at I wrote about Japan's Melbourne Cup equivalent - The Tenno Sho (Spring). I suggested I'd be watching Kitasan Sho and Satano Diamond. They ran 1st and 3rd.

Here are some comments from some of our annual subscribers

Peter Staines from Norlane in Geelong wrote:
"I get various emails from overseas...mainly UK “promoters” telling me for 30 quid I can “GET ON BOARD” This guy or that guy who deliver 25% strike rates at ROI of 15% each year or similar...blah, blah, blah... I sent him an email telling him to politely shove it. Hope you don’t mind but I told him about you and in a few words said if only you guys put in as much as what “MAXY” does into your chosen field of hobby-betting, the world would be off."

For the record...I spent about $30-$40 on the race...Told my missus I paid you $10.00 for the privilege of getting your selections...She says...”Just get tips of the sky-racing web-site...why pay some-one?”
I said...'’Cause any-one who spends this much time into getting his tips right each year and who delivers
results like MAX does, to me, is a genuine bona-fide expert and with a bit of common-sense and with a roughy thrown in, we can do ok for ourselves...”

Mike Chin from Kuching (Cat-City), Capital of Sarawak, Malaysia wrote: "Max...thank u very much for your great selection. I got the winner and the forecast as well. Great race and fantastic pick with good value. Bravo and well done. You r the best."

Don Saunders from Robwiang Muang Chang Rai Thailand wrote: "Max the MAGIC MAN!! Well done old mate, especially from wide barrier and outside of the favourites. My little box 3 Quin paid in excess of $100 for a unit, nice and tidy. Also backed your toppy EW. THANKS MAX, Till next year, cheers."

Joe Hamsen from Port Moresby wrote: "When I read your note yesterday morning about leaving the top three favourites out of your selections, I was relieved of my mind, as there were uncertainties and question marks about them winning the MC given its a stayers race, and the winner must have stamina and acceleration to win it. That gave me confidence and I took your top three selections and used them for my Quinella and Exacta bets at our local TAB betting shop here in Port Moresby....the rest is history now!.... "

Daryl Bommer from Orange - California wrote: THANK YOU MAX. I invested $40 with a profit of $800 at NZ TAB. Not bad for a guy in California.

Alastair Binns from Evandale - Tasmania wrote: "Hi Max. Congratulations on picking the cup winner once again and your top pick going so very close to winning, well done. I like to study the form for the cup and pick a few horses I think have a good chance at winning, I then wait in anticipation to check your picks Tuesday morning and make my final decision on my which horses i will have a punt on. Thanks for another year of great information and insight into the the great race The Melbourne Cup."

Mike Schoettler from Kogarah - Sydney wrote: "You did it again. I followed your pick with Almandin to win and my bride took Heartbreak City for the place. So we both are cashing in again. I don’t know how you do it but your results are unbelievable!
Anyone who doesn’t follow your picks is just not paying attention.
I can’t wait till 2018. All the best. Mike.


Dennis Kelly from Grafton NSW wrote:

"G’day Max Heartiest congratulations on the wonderful result you achieved in the Cup yesterday. Mr Melbourne Cup indeed - a title well earned over many years!!! You have certainly earned your position as part of Melbourne Cup folklore!"

"A nice result dutching the 6 (200% profit) and also had the quinella. Once again you proved the old adage - you get out what you put in. Your year round study as detailed in the book has again borne fruit. As we had been to Ireland on two occasions, I had a real soft spot for Heartbreak City - so so close and a great gutsy run. Thank you. Dennis K."

Roy Weissner


Our 2016 Melbourne Cup Sweep

1st: Alamndin. Drawn by Gregory Fosterfrom Kangaroo Island South Australia - $1000.00

2nd: Heartbreak City. Drawn by James Butcher from Bosley Park - Sydney - $200.00

3rd: Hartnell. Drawn by Peter McGregor from Hawkes Bay - New Zealand - $100

Last: Rose of Virginia. Drawn by Benjamin Campbell - $50.00


How To Pick The Winner Of The 2016 Melbourne Cup

After the running of the 2015 Melbourne Cup one of our annual eBook subscribers (Lee Stenson from Brisbane) posted on the following message.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Melbourne Cup Max. Because of you we had our best ever Melbourne Cup. Here is how it happened."

"When my husband read your Max's Melbourne Cup Day message in the Members' Only section of your website, we noted you thought any one of 17 horses could win without causing a surprise."

Free "We also noted you suggested the idea of taking the field and the fieldto run second and third....... and hope for a long shot to run into a place as this increases the Trifecta payout. Well, we took your advice and varied it a little. My husband decided to have the field to run first. We coupled it with your chosen six horses to run second and also for third. And as you know Prince Of Penzance won at 100/1 and three of your chosen horses ran second, third and fourth."

"So, because of your research, we backed the Melbourne Cup Trifecta and won heaps. Yippee! it's the best Melbourne Cup day we have ever had...... thanks to you. So we will now be calling you Marvelous Melbourne Cup Max."

And Ashley Little was another person we made very happy when Prince Of Penzance won the 2016 Melbourne Cup. Ashley is from Perth. When he ordered his copy of How To Pick The Winner Of The 2015 Melbourne Cup his name automatically went into our annual Sweep. He drewPrince Of Penzance and won the $1000.00 first prize. Click below to meet Ashley.

As mentioned below, my search for the winner of the 2016 Melbourne Cup began the day after the 2015 Melbourne Cup. I spend around 300 hours per year on this research. I search for and collect snippets of information from all around the world about possible Melbourne Cup starters. It is getting harder each year. This is because of the number of Internationals in the race. Did you know:

  • In 2012, eight of the 24 starters were internationally-trained horses while 17 of the runners were bred in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • In 2013, nine of the 24 runners were internationally-trained horses while 19 of the runners were bred in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • In 2014, ten of the 22 runners were internationally-trained horses while 15 of the runners were bred in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • In 2015, eleven of the 24 runners were internationally-trained horses while 18 of the runners were bred in the Northern Hemisphere.
You will find some more of this information at
I recommend you 'like' one of the stories there. This should ensure you receive updates.

Another example: The Sydney Cup (over the same distance as the Melbourne Cup - 3200 metres) was run on the 9th of April. On my Facebook page on the 8th of April I wrote "I think these three horses - Libyan, Who Shot The Barman, and Grand Marshall will feature in the finish of the 2016 Sydney Cup. And I'll also be watching the runs of Gallante and Almoonquith as potential 2016 Melbourne Cup runners." I happily tell that these five horses filled the first five places in the Sydney Cup.

Happily, I also tell Mary McNamara noted on that, as a result of what I wrote, she backed the Sydney Cup Trifecta. Well done Mary!

2016 Melbourne Cup

My name is Max Hitchins. I am known as MelbourneCupMax and/or Mr Melbourne Cup probably channel 7because I have memorised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters of the Melbourne Cup for the last 100 years. (Click on the picture on the right to see David Koch, from Channel 7 Sunrise Show and racing expert Richard Freedman, test me on this.)

My search for the winner of the 2016 Melbourne Cup began the day after the 2015 Melbourne Cup. I search for and collect snippets of information from all around the world about possible Melbourne Cup starters. Knowing as much as I possibly can about the runners in the Melbourne Cup allows me to 'break down the field' from 24 horses to 6 horses. I then suggest that one of these horses will win the Cup. This system has worked for 24 out of the last 28 years. (Up to and including 2015). I then select 'my winner' out of the 6 horses. I have now been correct with this selection for 15 out of the last 28 Melbourne Cups.

Order the systemIf you choose to order my annual eBook you receive:

(a) An eBook with all my research in it including video's of races from all around the world that feature the horses that may run in the 2016 Melbourne Cup. Note: This eBook will be available soon after the running of the 2016 Caulfield Cup on the 15th of October 2016.

(b) Access to the password protected page for Members Only where I post my system horses on WinnerMelbourne Cup Day morning.

(c) Providing you purchase your copy of How To Pick The Winner Of The 2016 Melbourne Cup before 6.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time on the 31st of October, you are automatically given one free entry into our Melbourne Cup Sweep. The names of the lucky people who draw a horse in our Sweep will be posted on by 2.00pm on Sunday the 1st of November.

Prizes are: 1st horse: $1000.00; 2nd: $200; 3rd: $100. Last $50. Click on the picture on the right to meet the winner of the 2014 Sweep. Note: You are not guaranteed to draw a horse in this sweep as there are only 24 runners in the Cup.

If you would like to understand my system that has worked for 24 out of the last 27 years I invite you to click on the Get Max's System Free button.