Pick The Cup Winner
Of The Melbourne Cup By Max Hitchins

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  • Order the bookThe results of many 'lead up' races to the Melbourne Cup are in this eBook. I study the results very closely. I invite you to do so too. The winner of the 2019 will have run in one or more of these races.
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  • 6. On the front page of the book you will find your access and password information for Melbourne Cup Day.

    I recommend you test this password immediately you receive the information to make sure it works for you on your phone/computer. 

    To test that it works for you go to PickTheCupWinner.com.au and click on the 'Members' section on the the web page.

    You will find the Melbourne Cup information on the site after 8.00am on Melbourne Cup Day the 6th of November.


  • Details of the names of the lucky people who draw a horse in the Sweep will also be posted on our Facebook page by 5.00pm on Sunday 4th of November. See: www.facebook.com/melbournecupmax
  • 1st place horse: $1000; 2nd placed horse; $500;  3rd placed horse $100; last placed horse $50Note: You are not guaranteed a horse... as there are only 24 horses. But, as they say, “You have to be in it to win it!"

  • If for any reason you have download problems please email your receipt to  max@hitchins.com.au and I will solve the problem for you.  

  • Or call:       Jessie - 0481 112 050;     Sallee - 0414 776 149;      or Max - 0419 53 63 73. 

  • Good luck (to all of us) on Cup Day.

    Max Hitchins

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